Add your Records to the DiscView catalogue

Once your "for sale" records are downloaded onto floppy you can either send it into RecordWare by conventional post or zip the files up and email them to

To download your "For Sale" records select the ParaDiscClub option in the Tools menu of ParaDisc. There are two steps to take.


This option uses a query form to extract only the records that you want to sell, it works in exactly the same way as the query form in the Ask option. An easy way to do this is to enter the letter "Y" in the SELL field for all the discs you want to sell, then in the query form under the SELL field simply type "Y" and this will filter out all those discs you want to sell. Alternatively if for instance you wanted to sell all your Val Dollican albums, enter "Val Doolican" in the query form under the Artist field and this will filter all his records out.

The CreateFile option creates a file by extracting the following 9 fields of information from your catalog:

"Artist", "Title", "Year", "Format", "Type of music", "Catalog No", "Value", "Condition" and "Comment".

Remember to fill in all these details for each disc you want to sell - especially the price in the value field, as well as any other extra selling information that you can put in the comments field; bear in mind that the more information you put in the more chance you have of selling it.

NB - if you do not enter a price for the disc it is considered to be for auction


Once you have created a file go into this option and you will have a chance to view the records that you have extracted and then copy them onto a floppy disk.

When you copy the information to a floppy disk your name, address, telephone number (if you include it) and notes that appear in the startup screen, as well as your collection, will be published for other ParaDisc users. If you do not want this information advertised then DO NOT join the ParaDisc club.

What happens to your file?

The file you send in to RecordWare will be collated with files from other ParaDisc users to produce a large database or catalogue. From this data pool, information require will be extracted onto a floppy disk(s) and sent to you. This is the DiscView catalog and you can browse through it or search for specific records that you wish to acquire. See the DiscView User Guide for more information on how to use the DiscView catalog program.

To join the ParaDisc club fill out the "ParaDisc Club (DiscView) Registration" form that comes with ParaDisc, then label the floppy disks you have created with your name and address and send it with the form to the address below:

76 Southfield Rd

Alternativelty zip the files up and email them to me.

Author: Jonathan Watkins email:
Revised: 4th August 1995