Download DiscView Catalogues of Second-hand records for sale

Below are a series of DiscView Catalogues to download.

Once you have downloaded one of the zip files, to install it:

Copy to the \paradisc\dview directory

expand the file by typeing pkunzip [Enter]

Run the programs by typing cd\paradisc [Enter] then type DiscView [Enter]

Note: Performing the above steps will erase a previous catalog if you want to keep the previous catalog then copy the contents of \paradisc\discview elsewhere.

Click here to download 4,000 records/CD's for sale of all types of music (186 Kb)

Coming soon.... Bigger catalogues as well as catalogues predominately sorted by music type

If you do not have Pkzip you can get it from here

Author: Jonathan Watkins email:
Revised: 4th August 1995