You can download ParaDisc and DiscView from this page

You can download ParaDisc/DiscView here now, if you like it and use it please send £30.00 or $45.00 to:

76 Southfield Rd,

You will then:

The first year membership of DiscView is free. To join, all you have to do is send into RECORDWARE (by email or post) a floppy disk containing your "for sale" records in return you will receive the catalogue on disk.

DiscView for the first year is free, after that membership costs will be nominal.

Click here to download ParaDisc/DiscView (1.1 MB)

The package is in zipped format, to install it:

Copy to your root directory i.e. c:\

type pkunzip -d [Enter]

Run the programs by typing

cd\paradisc [Enter]

Then either ParaDisc [Enter] or DiscView [Enter]

If you do not have Pkzip you can get it from here

Author: Jonathan Watkins email:
Revised: 4th August 1995