Welcome to the Web site of ParaDisc and DiscView by RECORDWARE ParaDisc and DiscView by RECORDWARE

ParaDisc is the No 1 Record/CD cataloguing program.

DiscView is a Record/CD mart.

More information on ParaDisc and DiscView

ParaDisc is a record cataloguing system whilst DiscView is a record trading system - a computerised Record "exchange and mart" if you like.

Paradisc - a cataloguing system for your record collection. It could not be simpler to use - add to, change, cruise through your collection on screen, print it out in any way you can imagine. Other features include: creating compilation tapes and printing cassette covers, collection statistics and random record selection.

IF YOU WANT TO SELL ANY OF YOUR RECORDS you can simply mark them to be sold, download them onto a floppy disk and send it (or email it to joff.watkins@socres.ox.ac.uk) to RecordWare to be published through DiscView.

DiscView - a computerised listing of records that other ParaDisc users want to sell. You can advertise your "For Sale" records and receive the DiscView catalogue - and its all on computer. Find information at the press of a few keys, no need to thumb through endless pages any more!

It's a computerised version of the "Set Sales and Auctions" that you find in Record Collector magazine - one day all records will be sold this way!

In this way you can advertise your discs free of charge (have you seen how much it costs to do this in magazines ?) as well as receive the DiscView catalog yourself. Because the catalogue is composed of collectors like yourself there are thousands of bargains to be had - there are none of the usual advertising costs to be recovered from the price of the disc; and remember it is on computer so you can find what you want quickly.

Coming Soon...DiscView on-line! You will be able to interactively Search for second-hand records from this site.

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