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Buttons within certain categories

Next/Previous Once run e-mail Trivia will randomly pick twenty items from the current category, you can navigate sequentially through these items using the Next and Previous buttons.

Promote/Demote This button is exclusive to the Favourites tab. It allows you to grade you favourite items of trivia. Promote will raise an item one nearer the top and demote will lower an item towards the bottom. See Options/Favourites.

AddToFavourite This button appears in all categories apart from the Favourites. If you take a particular fancy to a piece of trivia and feel you would like to have quick access to it and want to use it again. Press the AddToFavourites button and it will be copied to the top of your Favourites list.

CopyFromClipboard This button is exclusive to the Favourites tab. If you have your own piece of trivia (or a completely straight standard piece of text) that you would like to add to an e-mail message then you can use this option to add it to the trivia database. First in a word-processor assemble your entry, then copy it to the clipboard [Ctrl][C], switch applications [Ctrl][Esc] to Email Trivia, press the CopyFromClipboard option, review it, change it, press the [Ok] button and it will appear at the top of your Favourites list.

Answer This button appears with the trivia questions. For the answer click on it. For the recipient of your message to get the answer they must use the answering service.

Buttons at bottom of form

Delete Some of the trivia in Email Trivia might not be to your taste, the delete button allows you to delete it from the system so that it will never be randomly picked again.

Append This option copies the current item of trivia to the Windows clipboard. Switch applications using [Ctrl][Tab] to your e-mail package and then use the paste option ([Ctrl][V]) to paste the trivia within your e-mail message.

Help Brings up the help screens

Exit Exits out of the Email Trivia program

Options See below

Options button in more detail

Email Trivia can be configured through the Options button, this brings up a tab sheet with the following sheets

Start-up Trivia The category that you select here will be the category that will appear when you next start the program

Font size You can select the size of the font that you want displayed here.

Note that Art is displayed in courier. Courier is a monospaced font which means that each character occupies the same amount of space (in a proportional spaced font the letter "i" would take up less space than the letter "w"). You have to display Ascii Art in a monospaced font such as courier, a proportional spaced font will distort the intended graphic - it is worth mentioning this fact to people you send Ascii Art to.

Delete You can set the option here to have or not to have a confirmation window when deleting a piece of trivia from the system.

Favourites Within favourites you can have the option not to display Email Trivia headers and footers information for the top ten favourite items of trivia. This is useful for an easy way to add standard paragraphs to your e-mails.

* Email Trivia Updates

The Trivia within Email Trivia is always growing and you can download updated Trivia categories from here. The files are in zipped format, unzip them and copy them to your Email Trivia directory, usually c:\etrivia.

Did You Know?, Jokes, Poems, Quotes, Art

General, Music, History, Showbusiness, Sport, Travel

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