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What is Email Trivia?

Do you sometimes feel you would like to spice up your email messages, make them more memorable, witty, thought provoking, curious, give them an edge?

Email Trivia is a program that enables you to quickly append a piece of trivia to your email messages, there are many categories to pick from Ascii Art, OnThisDay (historical events that happened today), Poems, Quotes, Jokes and Fascinating facts, not to forget a Favourites (of which you can add your own) and a Most Recent category.

You can also pose a trivia question to your recipients from the following categories - General, Music, History, Showbuisness, Sport and Travel. For your recipients to find or check the answer they can simply email it to our answer service and we will provide them with the answers.

The Email Trivia screen showing the Ascii Art catergory.

Trivia Screen

Trivia Categories available

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Categories - Most Recent

RecentlyUsed Each time you use the Append button to add an item of trivia to your e-mail message that item is copied to the MostRecent category, The MostRecent category is in list form and holds the last hundred items used. This way you can keep a record of what you have been using, as well as a quick way to use them again.

Categories - Favourites

Favourites This category is used to hold your favourite trivia items that you find in Email Trivia, as well as ones you compose yourselves. Items from Favourites is in list form and not selected randomly like the other categories.

Categories - General trivia

OnThisDay On This Day: Who was born, who has died, what has happened on this actual day thoughout history.

DidYouKnow? Did You Know: Collections of fascinating facts, weird and wonderful, but true stories

Jokes Jokes: A series of funny stories, laughs and gags - some are a little saucy.

Poems Poems: "Lots of poignant and funny poems to suit all moods.

Quotes Quotes: "The best substitute for experience is being sixteen." - Raymond Duncan.

Quotes Art: Pictures cleverly made from common keyboard characters.

* Email Trivia's Answer Service

Email Trivia is an interactive, internet aware package man, people to whom you send trivia questions can use TriviaWare's Answer Service and unearth the answers to the questions posed. To do this use your copy and paste facilties or the forward option on your e-mail package and send the question off to..... TrivaMaster@dial.pipex.com.

For instance your might receive a message with the following tagged onto the end.

======== Trivia for the day: Category - General ========

Which is the bigger a gene or a chromosome?

for an answer, send above question to: triviaMaster@gusher.org.uk


To get an answer send the following message to:


containing the following text...

Which is the bigger a gene or a chromosome?

Thats it, wait a while and the answer will be sent back to you!!

Give the answering service a go now!

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