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* Answering Service

Email Trivia is an interactive, internet aware package man, people to whom you send trivia questions can use TriviaWare's Answer Service and unearth the answers to the questions posed. To do this use your copy and paste facilties or the forward option on your e-mail package and send the question off to..... TrivaMaster@dial.pipex.com.

For instance your might receive a message with the following tagged onto the end.

======== Trivia for the day: Category - General ========

Which is the bigger a gene or a chromosome?

for an answer, send above question to: triviaMaster@dial.pipex.com


To get an answer send the following message to:


containing the following text...

Which is the bigger a gene or a chromosome?

Thats it, wait a while and the answer will be sent back to you!!

Give the answering service a go now!

* Click here to download a copy now!

* In the Pipeline

Watch your mailbox and the WWW for additional enhancements like new categories, Fresh jokes, quotes etc as well as trivia - see Trivia Updates,

True cartoons and graphics coming soon!

Watch for Email Trivia being truly integrated into your e-mail package (Pegasus, CC:Mail, Microsoft Mail, Eudora).

* Trivia Updates

The Trivia within Email Trivia is always growing and you can download updated Trivia categories from here. The files are in zipped format, unzip them and copy them to your Email Trivia directory, usually c:\etrivia.

Did You Know?, Jokes, Poems, Quotes, Art

General, Music, History, Showbusiness, Sport, Travel

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